​Teeth Whitening
Big White is a mobile teeth whitening company in Ithaca, NY proven to be Ithaca's best value whitening service.

- One appointment will brighten your smile 14 shades whiter!
- $150 $75   for students and professors.

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See what the Big White Teeth Whitening experience is all about with real pictures from past appointments.
Learn about the results teeth whitening can have on your smile and how Big White Teeth Whitening can help.
Find out what past customers have said about their amazing experiences with Big White Teeth Whitening.
Take pride in your smile
  • 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes you more appealing to the opposite sex​​
  • 74% of adults believe an unattractive smile can hurt your career success
  • 89% of orthodontists have patients request teeth whitening services
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Why should you get your teeth whitened?
There are so many different reasons! Let me just name a few occasions where you should definitely be showing off your pearly whites.
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In your home or a specified location
What is needed?
A place to recline (couch, bed, recliner, etc.) and a nearby outlet
Let me know dates and times that work best for you. I cannot guarantee availability during your desired times, but I will do my best to work with you. My response time is typically within 48 hours.
Must be at least 14 years old. If under 18, then parent's permission is required. Not available to women who are currently pregnant.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!
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