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I've had my teeth whitened at Big White twice, and definitely will again. Chandler was professional and reassuring from the beginning, helping me stay comfortable throughout the process. I was able to have the treatment done in the comfort of my own room, and the results came out great both times. While under the light, I could feel the gel working to whiten my teeth, but it was not painful. I referred my parents to get their teeth whitened, and theirs came out looking pearly as well. Overall, an excellent experience for me and my family.
Student at Cornell University
​14 Shades Whiter
Student at Cornell University
​14 Shades Whiter
To be honest, I was worried at first, but after Chandler genuinely answered my questions professionally I felt confident about the service he provides. The service itself was painless, quick, and smooth and I got to listen to my own music as he provided a bluetooth speaker. However, the results were my favorite part, as there was a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I highly recommend giving it a try because it is so much cheaper than other services, but just as good. Definitely worth it.
Student at Cornell University
​14 Shades Whiter
At first I was on the fence about using Big White, as I've never done whitening outside of a dentistry professional's practice before. However, I could not have been more happy with the results, especially since my teeth got several shades whiter. The service is mobile, so Big White can come right up to your apartment and dorm. It is v ery convenient and competitively priced. In total, I have used Big White twice and plan on using it again. I would 100% recommend this service.
Student at Binghamton University
​12 Shades Whiter
I've seen teeth whitening for over $400 before and that's why I've never done it. That's also why I didn't really know much about teeth whitening. To my surprise, the entire process took less than an hour for extremely cheap and visible results that my family and friends instantly noticed. If you have been looking to get your teeth whitened, Big White is the place to get it done.
Student at Stony Brook University
​10 Shades Whiter
The experience went beyond what I was expecting. As a college student who frequently drinks coffee, I was looking to whiten my teeth and the mobile whitening was a great opportunity for me. It offered me convenience and affordability in the comfort of a home which I really appreciated!
Student at Cornell University
​12 Shades Whiter
I was very pleased with my experience at Big White and the results of my teeth whitening. At first, I was nervous about the process, but Chandler fully explained the method and was very reassuring both before and during the treatment. After just one session, my teeth were visibly whiter and I would definitely recommend it to others.​ 


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    Or relax in your favorite couch
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    A happy customer and me after a whitening treatment