1. 30 Min Treatment
  2. 45 Min Treatment

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2 sessions (30 min)
15 min per session
10-14 Shades Whiter
3 sessions (45 min)
15 min per session
15-21 Shades Whiter
  1. Student - 50% Off
    Go Big Red? More like Go Big White! If you're a student, cash in on a 50% student discount. Applies to both college and high school students!
  2. Faculty & Staff - 50%
    Big White supports education, and we want our educators to have the best smiles in town. Whether you're a teacher, professor, or staff of a learning institute, you get deserve the discount.
  3. Military - 50% Off
    My sister is joining the Navy and my dad served in the Army. Heck, I was born overseas on a military base! Big White supports our veterans and their families. Happy to brighten those smiles for 50% off!
  4. Senior - $50 Off
    If you are 65+ then we'll take $50 off . Enjoy!
  5. Group
    Schedule a group of 4 or more and we'll give you a bargain...just $60 per person
  6. Mega Group
    Book a group of 6 or more and we'll give you a special deal. One designated person gets a FREE whitening and the rest get a group rate of $60 per person. Perfect for sororities, clubs, teams, and friends!
  7. Wedding
    Everyone loves a good wedding. The perfect day is full of picture taking, so make sure those smiles are up to par. The bride and groom will get FREE whitenings, and a minimum of 6 others (bridesmaids, family, etc.) get a $60 per person group rate.
  8. Re-Use Kit - $25 Off
    Coming back for a touch up? Hope you saved that kit and refrigerated that whitening gel! If you did, then you get a whole $25 off!
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